The Naked Networker

Catchy title,right?
It is not really about my preference for not wearing clothes.
Although I am a naturist, that is not what this blog is about.
Rather, I hope with this blog to strip away some of the wrapping that people put around working closeup
We have all seen those adds “I made a squillion dollars in a couple of hours answering emails”
Well, here is some naked truth!
Very few people (if any) have ever done that!!
I certainly haven’t.
Am I an online guru?
Why not.
Up until now I have always made excuses for not succeeding.
(Here is a post that deals with the subject of excuses)
What I have been able to do,is tap into some very good mentors,
and I hope to share some of their wisdom with you.
Here is another naked truth.
To succeed, you will need to invest time and money in increasing your value to others.
Read books,watch videos,join webinars.
Learn and share what you learn.
If money is short,as I go along I will point out some free and low cost options.

My Passions

As I was writing My Story, I realised the times in my life that I had been most content,
were those times I was sharing knowledge with others.
Army, Fire Brigade, Dog Club instructor,
those things were where I was happiest.

Also, I want to try and make the world a better place.
Helping people less well off, helping people become self sufficient.
Greening the planet,making a better world for future generations.
In future posts I will elaborate on ways we can achieve this

I hope that you will enjoy this blog, and find some value here.
Feel free to share anything you do think is of value.
All the best,
Chris McMaster