5 Tips for new Social Media Marketerssocial-media-marketing

Lately I have seen many new social media marketers making the same basic mistakes,so I thought I would put this out there again.

Tip #1 Brand Yourself

So, you have joined a new business opportunity,and you are really excited.
You want to get the information out there as soon as possible.
So, you start posting post after post about how much money can be made, and how good the products are.
You include lots of pictures,of the product, and possibly handfuls of cash.
Problem is, all those posts fill up your friends newsfeed, and usually turns them off.
They may not defriend you, but may turn off your posts,or just ignore them.
Continue to post your usual family and recreational posts. You want people to know who you are.
People join people,not companies, so be someone people want to be with.
Posts about your business should be few, and limited to results rather than the product or business itself.
For example, a post about how good you feel since this new energy drink, no product name.
Create curiosity.
Same about the business.
Congratulate team members for their success, without mentioning the company.
Again,create curiosity.


Tip #2 Create a Fanpagefanpage

Some marketers believe in fanpages, some don’t.
I like them because they give you insights into your posts.
Also, you can use Facebook paid advetising to boost the reach of your posts.
Be careful, though, as it is easy to get your adverting account closed.
Same rules with this page.
Post a certain amount of your personal posts, and create posts of value.
Inspirational posts, handy tips, recipes if you are in weightloss, and so on.
Learn new things of value to your target audience, and share them.
In another post I will give more details of how to set up a fanpage.


Tip #3 Message your Friends.

Now, I don’t mean send them all a spam message about your new business.
What I mean is to engage with them.
Your hot market, that is, close friends and family,
you can let them know you are in a new business, you are excited about it, and would they be open to a look at it.
Next move is up to them,totally non-threatening.
If they say yes, then you have the chance to present your business to them.

Friends you haven’t interacted with for awhile just say hi and ask what they are doing these days.
Facebook friends you have never chatted with, say hi, establish a conversation, ask what they do
If they are in networking, ask them if they are interested in looking at a new business you just joined.
If they are not networkers already, just see if they are interested in either extra income, or the results of your products.


Tip #4 Join Groups

So you have messaged all the people on your friends list.
What to do now?
There are hundreds of groups on Facebook where people post about their business opportunities.
Join some of these groups, not to become another poster, but to meet new friends.
Like and comment on posts if they are not too spammy.
Mainly, go to the members list, and personal message the members.
Just send a simple message to engage their interest.
No,I am not giving you a script.
2 reasons. One, my script is not that good.Two, I don’t want hundreds of lazy people copying my script and putting it all over Facebook.
One very important thing here, READ THEIR PROFILE BEFORE YOU MESSAGE THEM.
Tailor your message to suit.


Tip #5 It Takes Time,Don’t Quit.

You are taking the first steps in a new profession.
It will take time to learn the skills, and it will take time for things to happen.
Do not give up when you get discouuraged,and you will have disappointments.f97766f20b26eb5961f72242c7c12e92
Get used to it.
Read books like “The Secret”, “Think and Grow Rich” and”Go for No”

And I wish you all the best in this new journey.