Some Random Thoughts on Becoming Who We Are Meant To Be.




1So, we have visualised the future we want.
We have seen the house we want, the car, the lifestyle.
Perhaps we have even seen the person we need to become,
to make that future a reality.

So,is what we are doing today helping us become that person?
What are we doing to help us grow?
Are we learning new skills?
Are we working on improving our mindset?
Did we start our day with gratitude and affirmations?




The whole process of self growth begins mentally.
It begins with wanting change, enough to begin searching for how.xzzzz-s-abraham-theuniverseisrespondingtoyourvibration-75-jpg-pagespeed-ic-xs6utgn3wb
As you begin to learn how, your belief begins to grow.
Your belief gives you the confidence to take the next step.
Belief inspires action, action inspires belief.




Here are some quotes from Sonia Ricotti in a recent interview I watched.

“You don’t manifest what you want, you manifest what you BELIEVE.

“It’s trial and error. Fall down, get back up. Fall down, get back up.
And the other thing is, when you fall down, get back up.”

“You’re all at different levels in your business..
and wherever you are, just keep on moving forward.”Remember, you create what you focus on, so focus on what you want.


And, in your daily activities, ask yourself, is this helping me grow?
Am I learning from this?
Is this moving me forward?