Defining Personal Core Values

Defining Personal Core Values is a very important component of personal development.
Our Core Values are those things that ultimately define us as a person.
The things that we believe are important should guide us in all that we do.
If our behaviour is out of step with those core beliefs,we will be unhappy,
and quite possibly unhealthy due to the stress of the conflict within ourselves.
So, how do we know what our core values are?
Often, they are emotional concepts that are hard to clearly describe in words.
You might say “Family” is important to you,
but that word could mean a far different mental and emotional picture to somebody else.
To help you decide what your most important beliefs are,
take some time to think about your past.
What were you doing during the happiest times of your life?
Is there a common theme or themes to all the happiest times?
What about the times in your life you felt least happy.
What was making you uncomfortable during those times?
What were you doing, that you did not feel right with?
What things made you proudest, gave you a sense of achievment?
What things have you felt ashamed of?
Most likely, the good times were when you were in step with your core beliefs,
and the bad times were when you were doing something that went against those beliefs.

Below is a list of words others have used to descibe these key beliefs.
Remember, these are just words, and the only importance they have,
is the emotional picture they represent to you.

Common Personal Values

Accomplishment, Success,Accountability,Accuracy,Adventure,all for one & one for all,

Defining Personal Core Values

Defining Personal Core Values

Beauty,Calm, quietude, peace,Challenge,Change,Charity,Cleanliness, orderliness
Concern for others,Connection,Content over form,Continuous improvement
Cooperation,Coordination,Creativity,Customer satisfaction
Decisiveness,Determination,Delight of being, joy
Ease of Use,Efficiency,Enjoyment,Equality,Excellence
Fairness,Faith,Faithfulness,Family,Family feeling,Flair
Freedom, Liberty,Friendship,Fun,Generosity,Gentleness
Global view,Goodwill,Goodness,Gratitude,Hard work
Improvement,Independence,Individuality,Inner peace, calm, quietude
Justice,Kindness,Knowledge,Leadership,Love, Romance
Loyalty,Maximum utilization,(of time, resources)
Meaning,Merit,Money,Oneness,Openness,Other’s point of view, inputs
Patriotism,Peace, Non-violence,Perfection,Personal Growth
Privacy,Progress,Prosperity, Wealth
Punctuality,Quality of work,Regularity,Reliability
Resourcefulness,Respect for others,Responsiveness,Results-oriented
Rule of Law,Safety,Satisfying others,Security,Self-givingness
Self-reliance,Self-thinking,Sensitivity,Service,(to others, society)
Simplicity,Skill,Solving Problems,Speed,Spirit, Spirituality in life
Stability,Standardization,Status,Strength,Succeed; A will to-
Success, Achievement,Systemization,Teamwork,Timeliness,Tolerance

When defining personal core values for yourself,
remember that the closer your actions are to your beliefs,
the happier, more satisfying your life will be.

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