eliminating excuses

Do you have any or all of these excuses?

Eliminating Excuses.

We all have things that happen to us,or those around us, that can cause us to lose focus.
Recently,some of these things happened to me.
I allowed them to stop me.
Came to a complete halt.
Yes, they were real events,real crises.
Yes,more than one.
(I had to look up the plural of crisis)

But it wasn’t the events themselves that stopped me.
It was the effect they had on my attitude.
These things,piled one on top of the other,damaged my self belief.
Destroyed my dream.
Made me forget for awhile why I was striving so hard.
And I realised I had lost the habit of Daily Affirmations.

Eliminating Excuses

Creating Belief

The best way of eliminating excuses is to build a desire that is stronger than your strongest excuse.
Daily affirmations have to be personal to you.
Don’t just take a bunch of affirmations and parrot them without any feeling.
Find affirmations that resonate with you,or write your own.
Start with gratitude for the things you already have.
Then add in the things you want to have.
Not just money or material things.
Try and visualise the person you want to be, the lifestyle you want to have.
See yourself already in that place,already that person.
There are many sources of information for this.
A Google search will help.
One of my favourites is “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.
You can get it on Ebay or Amazon as a book,cds,or dvd.
Eliminating Excuses

Changing your attitude to your problems will help you get past them.
Creating a strong desire, and a strong belief in your own ability to succeed,
is the key to eliminating excuses.

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