Susie and I are currenly enjoying a laptop lifestyle cashback holiday.
Sitting here enjoying a merlot as I type this. Already been for a swim in the pool, listening to the bird song. Reading a book as I let the sun dry me off, and work on my Vitamin D absorption…love that sun.
So, through our loyalty program, we got a great deal at Travis’s Hume Country motel in Albury.
Got a few places where we can eat and get cashback, Funny thing is, we will only be here a few days, but we will get paid for being here for years to come.

We had a good drive up from home yesterday.
Took the scenic route through Healesville,Alexandra, and so on. Lovely drive.
Stopped at some nice places for coffee and lunch, no cashback at them,though.

When our business gets as big here as in Europe, we will never have to miss out on cashback.
But, that means opportunity for us.
Where would you like to shop and get cashback?
Where do you shop now?
Would you like a local shopping hub, where you could get cashback at your hairdresser, your coffee shop, your favourite restaurants, your florist,local grocer?
How would you like to get a little bit of every transaction?
Ask me how.
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