Gratitude, Happiness, Learning, Growth

Once upon a time, as soon as I awoke, usually before the alarm clock,
I was instantly out of bed, eager to start the day.
These days,most mornings I take time to enjoy the time between waking and rising.

Start each day with Gratitude

Time for contemplation, for being grateful for the life I have.
Beginning the day with an attitude of gratitude adds to my happiness.

We all have stuff happen in our lives, and I have had my share.
It has taken me some time to start putting a new life together, but I am getting there.

Things I am grateful for?
Waking up is a good start, I am always happy about that.
Being able to lie in a nice warm bed,thinking happy thoughts.
Thinking about the friends who make me happy.
Thinking about the opportunities I have for learning and personal growth.
Being grateful for the drive that keeps me striving to be more.
Notice, I said be more,not have more.
I believe the way to have more, is to be more.
Yes, I am happy with my life, but life is growth.
Not growing is stagnation,death.
Being grateful for what you have doesn’t mean not wanting more.
Being grateful also means being grateful for those times that went differently than you wanted at the time.
Some lessons are painful,be grateful for them, and learn.

Being Grateful

I am at the stage where I could quite easily just sit, watch TV,read a book,do nothing.
But, there is still life in me.
Still that desire to learn more,to be more, and,yes, to have more.

Nearly 10.00 am on a mid-winter morning in Melbourne.
Weather looks OK,even patches of sunshine.
I think I will take a walk through the wetlands.
Then,later,might pop over to the shopping centre for brunch,indulge my people watching.


I am grateful for this


And, in between, I will do what passes for work in my business.
Like writing this, to some a chore, to me another thing I am grateful for.
The odd conversation, by phone,text,online,or belly to belly.
The occasional post on social media.
Hardly work, is it?
But, if you do the learning, do the growth, be persistent, and help others,
by being more, you can have more.

Gratitude,happiness,learning,growth, major steps to fulfilment.