Three words so important to life,
and yet people often get their importance in the wrong order.

Most people think that fulfillment is achieving their dreams or desires,Happiness,Success,Fulfillment
and that doing this is success, and that then they will be happy.

The fact is, all three are states of being, not destinations.
To be truly happy, you must feel fulfilled.
To feel fulfilled,you must be doing that which you were meant to be doing.
What is that? What are you meant to be doing?
Only you can know, as only you were created to do it.
Everyone of us is unique, with our own mission to accomplish.
We will know what it is, because we will feel fulfilled doing it.
Think of the things you were doing in the past that made you happy.
Not just momentary joy from a pleasant activity.
Meaningful happiness, a sense of achievement.
Maybe you haven’t actually experienced it yet, but it is something you dream of.

When you are doing what you are meant to be doing,
you will have a sense of being complete.
And, that fulfillment, that happiness, that joy is your path to success.

Happiness and fulfilment are not a destination but guides to your journey.

Happiness,Success,FulfillmentTony Robbins says, and apologies if the quote is not exact,
but he says there is nothing sadder than a “successful” person who feels unfulfilled,
because they have done all the hard work to get to a place they are not happy in.

Right now, writing this, I know I am doing what I was meant to.
This is part of my mission.
Maybe only one person will read it, and get the message.
But, maybe that one person was the one the message was meant to reach.

If you are going through life with that feeling that there must be something more,
then start reading some personal development books, or if reading is not your thing,
find video and audio of great mentors on social media.
Start the process of self-analysis to find your calling,your mission.

I like my networking business, because I can help people on many levels.your-life-has-purpose
I can help them financially.
Help them grow personally.
Help them become who they are meant to be.
And, by getting wealthier myself, I can contribute more to the things I care about.

There is plenty of room in my business for you to find and achieve your

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