Let your motivation create your habits

Motivation can be defined as the emotion that causes us to perform a particular action.
We all know about dream building and goal setting to achieve our desired results.
We create this motivation by attaching our emotions to the desired result,
to encourage us to perform the necessary tasks to achieve that result.
The problem is, the emotion, and therefore the motivation,does not last.

Bad use of motivation

Because most of us lack discipline, we tend to use motivation in a very stop start way.
We get some sort of emotional boost, jump into some furious activity,
and in a short while we run out of energy and stop.
Gyms have record numbers just after New Year,
cigarette sales drop for a week or so.
Once the emotion of the New Year resolution drops off, so does the commitment.motivation-no1

Use motivation with discipline

Instead of using motivation to inspire a short burst of unsustainable activity,
use it instead to set up habits and systems that will allow you to continue the activities.
They say it takes 21 days to create new habits, or break old ones.
So,while you are motivated, make a list of the things you need to do on a regular basis to achieve your desired result.
Set up some support systems to help you maintain commitment.

Support system ideas

One way to keep yourself on track is to involve others.
The “buddy system” has you partnering with another person to do activities together.
You can work with a team member, a friend, or even your spouse.

Another way is an accountability partner,usually a mentor.
You report your activity and results to this person on a regular schedule.
They give you encouragement and feedback, and when necessary, remind you of your “why”.

Accountability Partner

Accountability Partner

You could even go public,telling friends and family,even social media.
The motivation here is the huge embarassment that will follow if you quit.

Ways to maintain your motivation.

And here we are back to dream building again.
In order to keep going with our habits, we need to remind ourselves constantly of our “why”.
We need to feed the emotion to keep it alive.
Part of this is visualisation.
Have a dream board with pictures of your desired results.
Travel, cars,houses,charities, whatever your desires are.
Visit display homes,car dealers,boat yards.
Feel the emotions.


Create a mindset of gratitude and acceptance.
Be grateful for everything you have.
Write out your dreams and goals daily as if you have them already.
Do the things you wish to achieve in small ways now.
This helps create in your mind that you have already achieved these things, and you are grateful for them.
If your dream is to give to charity, then give what you can now.
Take a walk in a park,stroll along a beach,have a picnic with your special one.
Let your motivation create your habits.

My dream, my why, is to in some small way make the world a better place.
My wife and I, both through our personal causes and our business,
help to feed and educate underprivileged children around the world,
and contribute to projects to help the environment.

You can join us at winfromhomebiz.com/