life-quote_7251-4The funny thing is, we make thousands of decisions everyday,
and the most trivial of them could be a life changing decision.
We decide to take a later train, and meet the girl who becomes the mother of our children.
We accept a cigarette from a school friend, and have to struggle to quit many years later.
And, of course, there are the stupid decisions that all of us make at some time or other,
that we may or may not be lucky and get away with.
Drinking and driving.
Drug taking.
One I see a lot of lately,idiots driving through floodwaters,
putting others lives at risk to rescue them.
So many spur of the moment decisions that could change our lives forever.

And then there are those decisions we know to be really important.
We agonise over them.
Will I, won’t I, what if?

20140415-190553When I was Captain of a Rural Fire Brigade, I attended command courses,
to learn tactics and strategies for fighting large scale fires,
involving many brigades and resources.
One of the things I learned was to gather as much information as possible,
delay the decision as late as possible so that the latest,
most accurate information was at hand, and at crunch time,
if a decision was not clear cut,toss a coin if you had to,
but decide one way or the other, and then COMMIT to it.
This is true of many of the known life changing decisions.
Which college? Which job? Is this the girl to marry?
Of course,many people these days do lack commitment.
Is the lack of commitment really due to a lack of decisiveness.
Sometimes, by the time you come to thinking about the decision,
you know it is already made.
When I made the decision to leave a nice secure government job,
and go into private enterprise,it should have been difficult.
But, when I began to think about it, I knew my gut had already made the decision.
I was no longer happy working with the new management style,it was time to leave.
It wasn’t all plain sailing, but I was happier.
Then I had my own business and was happier still, for many years.
And then the time came to move on again, and once again,
my gut had made the decision before I was even aware of it.

So, you are working at a job, or in your own business.bffe8cab55723d0958688e7121288fc1
Maybe you hate it, or the people you work with,
or just want to spend more time with your children.
Maybe, you just want to get away from the stress.

And somebody offers you an opportunity.
Something that might mean freedom.
Something that might help you escape.

But,it is different,unfamiliar.
You will have to learn new things.
You will have to build it part time to start.
Give up relaxing in front of the tv for awhile.
Most of you will say no.
You will make an excuse.
It’s too good to be true.
It’s a scam,one of those pyramid things.
But,it won’t get out of your head.
What if it works?
What if I can build an income from home?
What if I can have a residual income,
money coming in month after month for work I did years ago?

542909888-changingFor some of you, you know your gut has already made the decision.

And, if you haven’t found your opportunity yet,
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