My Story

my story baby photo

My Story.

my story baby photo

Baby Chris

My story begins in the early 1950’s.
I was born in a suburb of Melbourne,
but when I was six years old we moved to rural Victoria.

Rural life

Rural life

I loved the country,and loved to explore,
fish and hunt in the State forest that we lived on the edge of.
I learned to be comfortable in my own company,
and although I enjoy socialising with others,I still enjoy my alone time.


Not much can be said for my early education.
The Nuns and Brothers tried hard to teach me what they were supposed to.
It was a constant battle as school was boring to me,
and I had many more important things to learn about the world we lived in.

Important Things School taught me.

I learned to read,
and how to use a library to study things that interested me.
Now I use Google and Wikipedia.
We had corporal punishment at our schools.
Many doses of the strap and cane taught me I could do whatever I wanted,
if I was prepared to pay the price.
And,I am thankful to the bullies at my schools.
They taught me you do not have to beat them in a fight.
You only have to hurt them enough,
they go and pick on somebody willing to be their victim.

Later Education

I became an apprentice Telecommunications Technician,
with the Postmaster General’s Dept.
It became Telecom, then fully privatised to Telstra.
Most of what I learned during that apprenticeship was obsolete within 5 years.
Technology was changing so fast.
I stayed with Telecom/Telstra for 21 years.

Military Service.

my story military service

108 Signal Squadron

At the Technician Training School,
one of my instructors was in the Citizens Military Forces
(later to become the Army Reserve).
At age 17,I joined, and spent the next 6 years as a part-time soldier.
I loved it, and often wonder if I should have made the decision to go full-time.

Fire Service

I was introduced to firefighting at an early age,
helping my dad and others doing annual burn-offs prior to summer fire season.
Later, I joined my local brigade,
and as I moved from place to place,I changed brigades.
I kept doing firefighting and leadership courses,
and eventually became Captain(Officer-in-Charge) of my local brigade.

Private Security

early security days

Early Security Days

My involvement with dog training had led to me getting a couple of part-time jobs
doing security work with the dogs.
When I left Telstra,
I had a short period working in steel construction with my younger brother.
When that ended, I found myself working full-time as a Security Officer.
A short time later,I started my own Security Firm,
and managed to keep myself and several others employed for many years.

Marriage to Susie

my story marriage to Susie

Susie and I

I had one failed marriage and several failed relationships,
(not complete failures,I did gain 2 beautiful daughters,
which led to 4(so far) gorgeous grandchildren),
when some mutual friends introduced Susie and I.
We were married within six months,
and through many ups and downs,were together more than 30 years.

Bad Health,Bankruptcy

We both had several bouts of bad health over the years,
but it came to a head when Susie had a series of falls caused by her medications.
I had to quit work suddenly to be full time carer.
I entrusted my security business to a person I thought was a friend.
Money turned out to be more important to him than friendship.
We finished up bankrupt.
Over forty years of working,often 2 jobs, and nothing to show for it.
Seven years of being carer and cared for, as well as our financial situation,
put a big strain on both of us.
When a crisis hit our marriage, for which I take ownership,
I guess neither of us had the will or the energy to fight for it anymore.

The Future

Naturally, the break up of a 31 year marriage was not without trauma.
It has taken me some time to adjust, to realise my life is my own again.
Most of my motivation used to revolve around the two of us.
I now need to find what motivates me,personally.
Luckily, I do love helping others, and want to help make the world a better place.
I believe I can do that with the opportunities I share with others.
Helping people get cash back on everyday expenses.
Helping make the world a better place through creating education opportunities in under-privileged communities.
Creating projects to green the planet.
All done just by shopping through our community.

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  1. Bertrand Bizimana says:

    Wow, I don’t have a story quite amazing as yours. What an eye opener! You’ve been through it! I hope all is well now!

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