Supplementing your retirement benefit

Many of us live on a fixed income.
Some due to age, some due to incapacity.
Some on privately funded retirement,some on social welfare.Supplementing your retirement benefit

The one thing we have in common, is our lifestyle is restricted by that fixed income.
Many of us would like to have a little (or a lot) more money.
Being retired means lots of time, but if we cannot afford to do anything with that time,
our lives are not as fulfilled as they possibly could be.
So, lets look at some ways of supplementing our income.

Return to work

For some of us,this may be an option.
For others,ill-health,incapacity,or other factors rule this out.
And again, the biggest drawback here is we are once again sacrificing time for money.


Buy lotto tickets, bet on football,bet on horses.
These days you can bet on practically anything.
The one fact that remains,is the house always wins in the long term.
Probably not something you want to bet your future on.

Start a traditional business

Some of you may have skills and talents you can turn into money-making ideas.
Turning a woodworking hobby (for example) into a small income could help.
Still, you are back to spending time and probably money.
Just buying a job,really.

Network Marketing

Yes, the dreaded MLM, pyramid sales and all the other names.
Many of you will already have been burnt with these.
Don’t misunderstand me, there are many good MLM’s that some people succeed at.
But the successful ones either started with or developed skills most of us don’t have.
Some are just lucky and have the right friends and relatives who have the skills.
Myself, I was a security patrolman, patrolling factories at night, and responding to alarms.
Most of the people I met were either cleaners (who generally spoke little English),
or people I arrested.
There wasn’t much need for people skills.
So,there is the biggest problem for us older ones.
It is not as easy for us to learn new skills at our age.
If you have never been a salesperson,
then selling overpriced products that people don’t normally use,
is going to be hard work.
This is why in most MLM’s, the actual distributor to customer rate is about 33 to 1.
In other words, for every person buying who is not already a distributor,
there are 33 people trying to sell to them.
People join, buy their kit,sign up for auto-ship,and after a few months,
realise they are spending more than they are making, and quit.
This is called the “attrition” rate.
MLM organisations collapse from the bottom up,
and the leaders are constantly having to replace those that quit.

Online Opportunities

So, we have all seen those posts in what used to be social media.
How this person made a fortune in a few hours just by sending an email.
Some people have done that.
What they don’t tell you is they spent years building a list to send the email to,
or they spent thousands on paid advertising,or both.

And then there are the famous matrix type scams
And, they are scams.
“We will build your downline for you”
Simple maths show these will not work.
If the matrix is four wide, then at level 5 you have 1024 people.
Not many, right?
Except, for those 1024 to go 5 deep, you need 1024 x 1024 = 1048576 people,
who are all looking for another 1048576.
And you are only 10 levels down from the founder.
So, sure, some people in some lines will make money,until it all collapses.

There are other things being offered out there as well.
Too many for me to have investigated personally.
You have to do your own due diligence on cyber currencies and gold purchase schemes.
Suffice for me to say I am extremely sceptical of most of the things I see.

Most online gurus have their own “Training Academy” affiliate programs.
They have funnels and capture pages that get you into their system.
Some of these are good, and I have made money on some of them.
But,once again, most people who join will not succeed for one reason or another.
And, as always, for us older ones,
learning new skills like blogging,videos, and so on, doesn’t come easy.
Supplementing your retirement benefit

Ok, this post does seem very negative, and that was not really my intention.
I encourage people to discover their inner entrepreneur.
I applaud those who want to improve themselves and their lifestyle.
Just make sure you go into things eyes wide open, and check them out thoroughly.
Don’t just look at a website heading that says your opportunity is a scam.
Go deeper. Many websites have ulterior motives for attacking MLMs,
and they are pay-per-click sites, which means they make money from every visitor.
Try to substantiate any claims they make.
If they mention court cases or legal action,try to verify the results.
Many companies are taken to court, not all of them are found to be in breach of the law.

And, if you would like some information on the opportunity that I think ticks all the boxes,
that really can help you in supplementing your retirement benefit,
pension,fixed income, or even extra income on top of your job,
please visit