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Self Limiting Beliefs

Many of our self limiting beliefs have been with us for years, perhaps from when we were children. Perhaps, they were even true at the time, but that does not mean they are still true. Perhaps, when you were five, a seven year old told you you could not run fast. And because five year…

Why you should question your beliefs.

Why you should question your beliefs Are your beliefs real,or are they just opinions? Worse, are they not even your own, but someone else’s opinions you have adopted without analysis? Where did you get that idea from? Was the source legitimate? Now, true, for many of us, some things have to be taken on faith….

Eliminating Excuses

Eliminating Excuses. We all have things that happen to us,or those around us, that can cause us to lose focus. Recently,some of these things happened to me. I allowed them to stop me. Came to a complete halt. Yes, they were real events,real crises. Yes,more than one. (I had to look up the plural of…