The Inevitables Of Success

The Inevitables of Success

The Inevitables of Success

I saw this,attributed to Donald Trump, and thought I might expand on it a bit.
Love him or hate him, he does have some marvellous insights.

1. You will lose some friends

So called friends will desert you,for many reasons.
Some will feel you think you are too good for them,
because you are trying to improve yourself.
Some will shun you because they feel shame at not trying as well.

2. You will think you are going crazy

Trying to earn a living while learning, growing, developing into the person you need to be.
Many times I questioned my sanity, questioned what made me different from those satisfied with a 9-5 job.

3.You will feel pain

Embarrassment, rejection, hateful comments, sometimes from your nearest and dearest.
You just have to realise,it is their own fear and uncertainty that makes them react that way.

4.You will almost talk yourself out of it hundreds of times

It is hard to stay motivated and positive all the time.
You just have to push through, remember why you started in the first place.
Daily affirmations can help with that.

5. You will lose money

Inevitably, you will make some choices that don’t come to fruition.
However,you must invest in learning. Learn from the great masters through their books,
and these days, their videos on YouTube and other platforms.
Get a mentor who can help you personally.
The mentor does not need to be where you want to be yet, they just need to have access to those that are.

6. You will cry before you get it.

I don’t cry often or much, but there have been times I came close.
Disappointment,rejection by friends and family,can be painful things,
and no doubt many people have been brought to tears by unthinking comments from those they love.

7.Your family and friends will discourage you

Some because they are afraid for you, they don’t want to see you hurt.
They don’t realise, that their lack of faith in you hurts more.

8.You will doubt yourself thousands of times

Every new challenge, every misstep, every negative comment from another, can erode your confidence.
You just have to put it behind you, tell yourself you can do it, and get back to work.

9.You will develop weird habits

As long as the habits are productive, and moving toward your goal, who cares.
They may be weird to those who waste their life watching TV, or playing games.

10.People will give you grief for no reason

There are many people who are just anti everything.
Many people will make unfair assumptions about you, and attack you based on their perception.
Once again, you have to realise that is them,not you.
You are not responsible for another persons attitude or behaviour.


I have not achieved success in the way most would count it yet.
But, my journey has been worth it, just the same.
I feel I am a better person than I was years ago.
I like myself more.

12. Then suddenly they all WANT TO BE YOUR BEST FRIEND

Well, I haven’t got to this stage yet.
But I will remember those who stood by me, encouraged me, and joined me.
And, there will always be room in my life to welcome back old friends,
and make new ones.

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