It has been awhile since I last posted here.
Many things have happened since then,not least, the break-up of my 31 year marriage.
It all meant I was rather distracted from business and blogging.

However, I am getting back into it now,
and I thought I would do a post on some useful tools for WordPress I have been using lately.

Creating Lead Pages

I came across a plug-in for WordPress that helps create fully customisable capture pages,
also called lead pages or squeeze pages.
By any name, they are meant to collect the details of people visiting the page,
for an email list, or subscriber list,or to purchase goods and services.

WP Lead Plus X is a very good plug-in for creating lead capture pages.
There is a free and a Pro version. I used the Pro version and found it well worth the price.
The tutorials showed me how to create pages easily, with fully customised images, forms, backgrounds,etc

You can get it here


Of course,if you are going to build an email list,you need to be able to collect them and message them.
I use Aweber for this,have found it very good for years.
Full disclosure, if you purchase Aweber through my link, I do get a commission…Thank you.

Aweber is easy to use, and not only has good tutorials, they have training emails and webinars that can teach you much about email marketing.
You can design forms, create email campaigns,and broadcast to your list.

You can get it here….

Secure Hosting

I have my WordPress site hosted at Hostgator (no, I don’t get paid for this one).
Having WordPress hosted by another provider allows you to do things you cannot do with a site.
One thing is making it a secure site.
At Hostgator, I purchased an SSL certificate and added it to my business site to make it a https site, which gives higher Google ranking.

So,now I can create WordPress capture pages that have the https prefix.
All I have to do now is drive traffic to them.

I will tell you about that in another post.